10 High quality Miswak Sticks ( RM 2.7 per stick )

RM30.00 MYR RM27.00 MYR
-Our araaq  Miswak is packed in high quality packaging materials and using modern packaging techniques to preserve its elements.
- The Miswak reaches the user fresh with its original flavor.
- The Miswak sticks are collected from the roots of the Arak tree and are packed within 48 hours to assure their freshness, And the processing of the Miswak is done differently from the common methods to preserve its natural constituents.
  • Packed while fresh.
  • Selected from the finest roots.
  • Hygienically preserved.
  • Packaging conforms to international standards.
'Spread the Sunnah'
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The roots of Salvadora persica tree (known as Arak in Arabic) are considered one of the main sources of the effective natural toothbrush “Miswak”. Scientific research carried out on the roots of Salvadora persica has shown that the active substances in the roots of the tree contribute to clean and disinfected teeth and mouth. Under Araaq trademark, we focus on selecting the best fresh roots to provide users with the highest-quality sticks.

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